One day Molly looked out her kitchen window.

Two rabbits stood there. They looked strong. Molly opened the door.

“Here’s your new washing machine,” said one.

“Where should I put it?” said the other.

“Anywhere,” said Molly, surprised.


The machine had a round window like the porthole of a ship. 

It was white and shiny. Molly hadn’t ordered it, but she liked its looks

right away.


“I better plug it in,” she said to herself when the rabbits had gone.

So she did.

Nothing happened.


“It needs soap,” said her friend Bongo. 

“Of course!” said Molly. 

“Bottoms up,” said Bongo and they poured. 


Molly flipped the switch. 

A red light went on and off, on and off. 

“Is it just going to blink at me?” asked Molly.


“It needs clothes,” said her friend Click.

“Of course!” said Molly.

She slipped off her apron and tossed it into the machine.

Bongo gave her his sweatshirt and his wig.

Click  fed his socks into the machine.

Then he threw his gloves in too.

“All set,” said Molly.


But there was Pocket at the door.

“Will it clean my bow tie?” he asked. 

“Sure,” said Molly. “Give it here.”

So Pocket added his bow tie to the bundle. 


“Let’s press the yellow button this time,” said Bongo. 

“Ab, ab, ab,” said the machine.

“Listen!” said Molly, skipping across the room. 

“Toot, toot, totto toot,” said the machine. 


“Can’t beat the beat,” said Molly. "Let’s dance!” 

“Nud, nud,nud, zegga, zegga zegga,” said the machine.

“Pepi pu papi pu, pu pu papi pu.” 


Click snapped his fingers, Pocket clapped and they all danced around 

Molly’s kitchen. Molly’s hair flopped in all directions.


 No one noticed Penelope at the window…


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