..Theseus had not taken five steps before he was lost. He walked on blindly through the dizzying maze,
hooking the spool of thread to his belt. All the while, he heard the hoarse and wretched rumbling cry of the
Minotaur, cursing in a mad language all its own. The sound grew louder and louder. The beast’s threats
were choked as if an entire skeleton were stuck in its throat. As Theseus drew near, he thought he could make
out its words:
     I hate you first, I hate you last
     I hate you now and in the past,
     I hate you short, I hate you tall,
     I hate you fat, I hate you small,
     I hate you, hate you, hate you all! 
      The miserable creature’s song of hate echoed through the Labyrinth. Theseus crashed through
the last dense hedgerow into the marble heart of the maze, and saw the monster at last! Ten feet tall
and shaped like a man it was covered in clots of brown fur with razor sharp horns growing out of an enormous
bull’s head. Frothing at the mouth, it charged out of its lair, straight at Theseus! 

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