“I devoured SIGN OF THE QIN in a single enchanted night. It is a beautifully crafted book—its fantasy beguiling and believable, its action sequences springing to life in your head like the best kung fu movie ever made, its prose elegant, its philosophies wise. What can I say? Don’t deny yourself the boundless pleasures of this book.” —Clive Barker


"L.G. Bass is a totally original voice. Her plot lines interweave hypnotically and her characters are bursting with energy and inventiveness. Most people would get at least a trilogy out of the material L.G. Bass uses for just one book…It is so refreshing to read a book that has almost invented its own genre.” —Eoin Colfer, Author of the Artemis Fowl books


“Fantasy readers looking for a change from conventional swords and sorcery will likely become enthralled." —Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review


“This book is teeming with monsters, dragons, deities, tricksters and demons—drawn largely but not exclusively from Chinese myth—plus an array of larger than life heroes and villains of both sexes. Readers are propelled from the lush opulence of the Emperor’s palace to the filthy slums outside it, from musty swamps to the Gobi’s desolation, from Heaven to the Netherworld…The action scenes are compellingly wild and wooly and if…Monkey steals the show (along with everything else that isn’t nailed down,) all the main players are equally strong, vivid characters…” —John Peters, New York Public Library, School Library Journal, Starred Review


“Wonderful and original. Bass effortlessly combines Chinese history and mythology with more conventional fantasy elements and a healthy dose of kung fu to create a unique and absorbing adventure.” —Voice of Youth Advocates


“This book blends mythology, fantasy and martial arts in a Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon-like style tale.” —Jennifer Brown, People Magazine (Spring’s Best Kid’s Books)


“SIGN OF THE QIN is the best and most comedic hot action kung fu fantasy movie that I’ve ever read." —Richie’s Picks, 5 Stars


“SIGN OF THE QIN is the kind of book I would have loved—as an all time favorite when I was in my teens. It’s for kids who grew up on Hong Kong martial arts movies, Japanese video games and anime; it’s for fans of Dragonball, StormRiders and Final Fantasy…" —Steve Ross, Vroman’s Bookstore, Pasadena, CA


“SIGN OF THE QIN took me back to a magical time in ancient China, a time when mythical gods and spirits crossed between our world and theirs. Monkey, my favorite character, guides all those with a capacity for Monkey luck and magic through each suspenseful adventure. Now the Monkey King truly travels West!” —Linh Thai, kung fu teacher and documentary filmmaker


“A page-turner with short action-loaded chapters. If you enjoyed C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, you will appreciate this story of epic adventure, full of hilarious, sinister, charming and vivid characters."  —Dear Reader, Square Books


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