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“The poetic, immediate style of this deeply satisfying adaptation honors the Grimm tradition.Geringer adds elements that make the connections between the characters more tangible…Gaszi’s meticulously textured and luminous paintings gorgeously illuminate the fantastical journey." 

—Publisher’s Weekly, Starred review


“This new version by Laura Geringer adapting the (Grimm) story into a more feminist  quest is felicitously written. The words are spare, poetic and read well. The illustrations by Edward Gaszi are mysterious and other worldly, the stuff of dreams.” — The Five Owls


“The language is spare yet elegant and beautifully complemented by the richly colored paintings. Gaszi’s use of light and shadow and the nearly photographic quality of the characters’ faces are especially distinctive. This polished offering will be a welcome addition to any folktale collection." — Booklist


“Laura Geringer’s retelling of The Seven Ravens dimensionalizes the Grimms’ story of seven brothers turned into ravens and the loving, courageous sister who seeks to free them. Geringer softens Grimms’ harshness with her lovely fairy tale cadences and images. Gaszi’s paintings have a strong feeling quality that deepen the old tale. The artist demonstrates his deftness (by) noting the nuances of the heroine’s moods as she struggles to reunite her family.” —Children’s Book Review, featured book


“What is refreshing about Geringer’s rendition of this tale’s ancient theme is that the changes she has made from the Brothers Grimm version do no damage to the spirit of the original and that her language and imagery are neither condescending nor sentimental. She understands the fairy tales are lapidary odysseys of the spirit, expressing through symbolism the psychological necessities of courage, redemption and transformation.” —Scripps Howard News Service


“Awe-inspiring!” —Courier Times-Telegraph


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