“A boy is biking home one day when a furry blue creature, elephantine in size but puppylike in personality, swoops down from the sky and invades his life…”Look out, look out, it’s coming,” the refrain warns as the intruder floods the bathroom, careens through the basement and makes a disastrous appearance at the school play. Truesdell’s energetic illustrations imbue “it” with charm and vitality…”    —Publisher’s Weekly

"The title conjures up a delightfully scary childhood game that must be universal. Here, ""It"" is a blue, furry, elephant-size creature that climbs in a window, tends to leave mayhem in its wake, does such imaginative things as ""organize your shadows"" or "blossom in the winter,"" and is a source of glee to the children who romp with it through a cluttered basement, in the midst of their school play, or at the beach. Somehow, adults never seem to notice it, though they are often astonished by what occurs in its presence. Geringer's nicely cadenced text is amusingly suggestive (of) the fun... in Truesdell's ebullient illustrations of irrepressible kids and their bumptious, endearing companion.” — Kirkus

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