“One of my sons had a lot of trouble with beginning reading. How laboriously we taught him his letters, then sounds, then short words! But then we found the Myth Men series. He read these books over and over -- and they have some big words! It's a comic book format, so he could pick up cues from the pictures. This series got him over the reading hump, he moved on to text without pictures, and last year he won an award for most books read at his school!"  —C. Sahu, Amazon, five stars

“My son loved it! I didn’t expect him to show an interest in Greek mythology, but that’s exactly what happened. This book is great for reluctant readers who are turned on by comic books and are making a transition to chapter books. The text is bigger than in most chapter books and there are pictures on each page. As an added plus,(readers) get exposed to ancient Greece. It’s been enough to make me a fan of the series.  —Nicola Gardiner, Amazon, five stars.

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