The Horseshoe crab, the horseshoe crab

Drives up in a taxicab.


The Goose, the goose

Makes me drink my juice.


The Puffin, the puffin

Is roosting on my muffin…


The Quail, the quail

Complains the cheese is stale.


The big Baboon, the big baboon

Doesn’t use a grapefruit spoon.


The Yucca moth, the yucca moth

Chews right threw the tablecloth!


The Nanny goat, the nanny goat 

Calls out for an ice-cream float.


The Zum, the zum,

Won’t spit out his gum


The Owl, the owl

Is throwing in the towel…


You get the idea. Follow the wordless stories in every picture and make your own scrambled alphabet story.


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